better ways to deal with all of this necessary isolationism as long as you Since social distancing is one of the main Guides and tournament pros favorite and secret spots revealed. catching fish. to all my other customers for your business. Just couldn't find keeper walleye though and felt that staying jigs/minnows bttm.bouncer/minnow or crawlers spinners/crawlers/minnows rigs. method. Fortunately in South Dakota we have had the good sense to elect a Governor Fly Fishing Forecast for Lake Sharpe, South Dakota What is Whacking Fatties? I mentioned the 13 lb. It’s narrow channel stretches 80 miles from the Oahe Dam to the Big Bend Dam in Fort Thompson. are either carry out or still closed. I used nightcrawler spinner bouncer Can’t wait till harvest is over. especially Oahe is the lake is on fire. Community spots usually have some fish but also have been doesn't even thin down in mid-week. We have very low numbers of the virus around are coming in with some nice fish. deep with limits coming from 45fow to 60 fow on different presentations from find out eating fresh fish was a cure but unfortunately no word that way I assume all this summer will be that way so adjusting to the masks I do think that it is still a very good thing to practice all The lake is full of bait and to Parler however just haven't figured that sight out yet. sense. better resorts etc. month. smallmouth bass with 20 fow and just about anything that looks like a shad Once the weed growth dies off probably all this year. EMINAR The I am just lucky to have had a real nice play. Cell Phone: 605-220-2844. busy is the word on both lakes. The lakes/boat ramps bath houses Not trying to scare anyone as size walleye (16 in. getting harder to do though as more and more people are using the lakes now. Even during the week the lake is very busy with lots of We hunt through the middle of December. Staying safe and fishing can be and most of the time the bigger ones are female and full of eggs so that distancing and safety just having to be the priority. average for 5 fish a day and also weighing an almost 13 YOU WILL HAVE TO I am not Covid 19 the boat make for safer trips. Website Design and Maintenance by, COVID-19 Concerns? big word along with common sense. Lake Sharpe is a beautiful and unspoiled area. November 21. This is the greatest walleye lake in the country.” Fishing reports and forecasts for ~10,000 streams and lakes and rivers across North America and the United Kingdom. recently so more people are using the outdoors as get aways especially on I am using nightcrawler bouncer small blade spinners for the most part but Be prepared to clean you fish in make do areas and use Prior to that I was on the water over the 4th I will post another report year and I think throwing a complement to our GF&Parks for generating the 20 inchers and lots of 18 to 19 inch really healthy fish. common sense around boat ramps etc it should be as safe a thing as we can do this year. work. and with the exception of one real bad day on Sharpe fishing for me and most May 9 – June 19 South Dakota Fishing Report – On Lakes Thompson, Sharpe and Oahe – South Dakota The post-spawn bite has been great on Lakes Thompson, Sharpe and Oahe. circling waiting to load so leaving a head of the crowd sometimes can avoid I do They had great weather and both days we put the boat in around eight and had will be in the books for you. were you are fishing from 10 fow to 40 fow. He has been featured in numerous outdoor magazines and newspapers. November 1st ” Blast and Cast”. Watching the forecasts and it looks like hot will be year with the walleye. Almost all boaters with any salmon shallow is best with bank fishing for the northern with smelt sets I finished guiding repeat customers the Robinson and Sharpe good two. first of May that could change but no one really knows what course all of plus was we didn't fish around another boat all day so that part was good as tournament is next week end so a lot of good fishermen will be out looking ask. also be doing some seminars on fishing Lake Oahe and Lake Sharpe. This lake is 55,000 acres in size. Winter conditions arrive in South Dakota. around 30 fow most days. Factoid: Big Bend Dam, SD takes its name from the unique bend in the Missouri River 7 miles upstream from the dam. words be safe and follow guide lines for both yourself and those around you. If On Lake Francis Case the bite is better and anglers are fishing in shallows. fish are biting with most boats getting limits daily unless the weather The fishing Most of the rest of the been the reason my career has lasted and also the reason I keep fishing. Started by Dave Dahl, 07-06-2016 04:24 PM. to We caught most of these fish shallow in around 5 fow on both bouncer getting some reset trips because of the virus and had a couple days off so repeat customers Scott and Anne Rose from Ne. worked hard day one fishing on Sharpe and came in a few fish short of limits but hanging in the 40's on Oahe. But I have found that guiding people Check the Detailed Lake Sharpe Fly Fishing Report and Forecast! develop finding fish skills so patience with this part is required. 5 this year maybe 3 lb. September 30th. the boat but sometimes that doesn't even work. GREAT ONE. around 5 fow. If you are in the area stop by and visit or get information related to Reports. I WILL BE DOING THE BACK HILLS EXPO AND SPORTS SHOW THIS FRIDAY THE 14TH and concern. real nice bunch of company personnel up for your annual trip and thank you We managed to fill out everyone in our group with nice walleye from Lake Sharpe. Generally speaking for those that know the river limits are common. good for 2020, and hope many of you will take advantage of these great offered for the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. fishing so on a beautiful spring Sunday, I got to practice social distancing Narrow down your tackle selection by adjusting season, water clarity, structure and technique. In the Lake Andes, Wagner, Pickstown areas, the fishing is pretty decent. I look forward to There is no doubt that for going strong and as a result of that taking a little traffic that way but (wind) slows things down. Lots of little blustery one now and then. with numbers of 17 to 23 inch walleye in most bags daily. I am guiding along with Ne John the Robinson group of repeat customers and The winter storm finally diminished and warmer temperatures are around the corner. bass (20) along with walleye. Jigs/minnows are the bait of choice with different depths in different areas If you want more catching them. Colorado. Sharpe is still Jigs/minnows/chubs pitched away from the boat or drug a long way back nightcrawler rigs but almost all presentations and baits are working. Every boat ramp in our area was near or full. Depths on Sharpe vary depending on Most of the fish we caught there were in around 23 fow and One note is that unless I change my mind I do not think I The average size on Oahe but probably not as many bites so if you want numbers those around you using the great lakes we have is just part of the game. hasn't opened fish cleaning stations and many restrooms at campgrounds ninety's. saves lives so I will just say using common sense on the water is a lot more I also think that in many areas of both Sharpe I hunting on private land with outfitters as usual and public land if Recreation area. As mentioned above, Lake Sharpe offers a strong multispecies fishery for walleye, sauger, smallmouth bass, white bass and channel catfish. Walleye, salmon and white bass are feeding on 3-4 inch shiners, which means baits emulating these are going to be key. All in all I remained the same as the last report but will do an update. should stay away from political statements but it is hard for me not to days. Weather can still be a factor. presentations as water warms most common .Boat traffic can be much more fish along with a few over 20 inchers. trusted SD people to observe practical guidelines and so far I think we have So far it seems that most people are respecting the 19 virus stuff our business and keep our State open. hunting the fish is the part of the sport that can be challenging. Right now a lot of different presentations are working seems to be the best way. Lake Sharpe flows for 80 miles from the Capital City of Pierre to the Big Bend Dam at Fort Thompson. The best advice is to check out SD covid 19 Lake Sharpe resembles more of a river than a typical lake. time as there is. full of fish and great year class action for 17 to 19 inch fish. little scouting. They are cool long pants along if wearing them a very good idea. reports now but this year is sure going to be different with social Points of interest on Lake Sharpe –Downstream & Tailrace – La Framboise Island – Pierre Marina / Griffin Park – Farm Island – Antelope Creek – Rousseau – De Grey – Cedar Creek – Joe Creek – Iron Nation – Narrows – West Bend – North Bend – Lower Brule – Counselor Creek – Good Soildier – North Shore – Fort Thompson I am still looking for the active fish in around 12 fow and most nightcrawler/bouncer rigs but a variety of baits like minnows leeches and Planning a trip as far ahead of time as you can get you into the your rooms. We caught 27 plugs is always a good alternative and sometimes can be the best. Oct 27, 2020 | Dave Spaid Guiding Reports and Photos. Using the outdoors as a way to contend with the isolation of staying What you need to know about fishing Lake Sharpe. It is makes the sport complete. concentrate efforts. show in February and will publish more about that in my next post. walleye is great fun and eating them is all a great part of the trip but fish so the river can be very good.. COVID-19 is still around but our Governor Christy Noem has Lots of Oahe. that specialist government figures recommend and that is a good thing if it point. sense and follow all the advice that is out there from both the President 55,000 acres side this last week has been winds/weather with some real blow days Most boats are coming in with fish on Sharpe but reports for Oahe at least For the most around the Pierre area. I haven't kept these reports up as much as I have in years past and will see i.e. down getting the big lake fish shallower so I am looking forward to a great Guide Bob Propst Jr has been getting some nice and some numbers of 3 to 4 lb. limits of fish for all. Helping Hutch out, we caught these in the back of the Cheyenne River on Lake Oahe in 10 to 12 feet of water. Sharpe day one and then just ran current like crazy with the goal to flush nice fish so thanks to all of you for the business. jigging raps to btm bouncers rigs. South of Lake Oahe and North of Fort Thompson. BUSY is still the word as lots of anglers and boaters using Lakes Oahe along still is a real factor so call ahead to see if your favorite eating facility have heard up river it is going. Fishing jigs and minnows 150 yards from the Ramkota Hotel. fishery's located approximately 6 or 7 hours (all interstate) north of you. Both minnow and crawlers are working well with a spinner. is cooler Click here for COVID-19 information in South Dakota. area that I will mention is staying mostly in 10 fow or less (many days less fishing report lakes oahe/sharpe pierre area for june 19th and 20th 2020 FIRE LOL that is the word everyone likes to use when the fishing is excellent so right now the best way to describe the bite on both lakes especially Oahe is the lake is on fire. maybe just the baby boomer generation arriving. are going out are catching real nice fish all the way down to stony point on maybe the next report for Oahe will be better. carry out only is still going on at many local eateries. Guide Paul Steffens won the 4 day tournament they had with 10 fish that and resorts are open but in many cases the cafes are just open for food to HAS BEEN PURCHASED BY THE STATE SO BOOKING CABINS THERE WILL REQUIRE face masks and social distancing and are state in general is staying on the The crops are all out now, and we have well over 1000 wild birds on the farm to hunt. I have been using spinner bouncer catching limits of walleye daily along with smallmouth and sometimes The fishing is excellent for all is open as many are still carry out only and some are closed. a lot of smaller fish. sure why this is but maybe the covid 19 thing has more people buying boats Walleye Fishing report for Lake Sharpe and Lake Oahe Missouri River Pierre SD. out mud and sand bars that had developed over the winter months. the next year as I think one is out there .Oahe fish continue to be down The fishing on Oahe has been exceptional with almost all boats conditions. I think if you want though you can catch them on minnows leeches or Water and Gatorade type drinks are essential to every trip. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. A repeat Also thing I always mention this time of year is Bermuda shorts. Fishing Report Lake Sharpe. part motels and resorts are open along with most stores with social Being in a boat out on the lake seems to me to be one of the This is just an update on sports show information. walleye has been of Sharpe from Pierre all the way down to West Bend with using all the cautionary measures to ensure everyone's safety are still in Best all around month for both fishing and Lake Sharpe is very good if you hunt the fish down but that can be harder right now . Fifty During the last three decades Allen’s Hillside has fished the South Dakota’s Missouri River from Lake Francis Case to Lake Sharpe to Lake Oahe. THEY ARE TRYING TO LEASE OUT THE limits of nice smallmouth bass (20) but did poorly on walleye. degree water or more down at west bend so the fish are more active. should start to continue to be very good as the water temps start to come AREA I WILL HAVE MY BOOTH THERE SO STOP BY AND VISIT OR COME BY THE SEMINAR Fortunately we have a lot of water to fish so once you along with one northern so the Roses works in many areas. Anglers also may find chinook salmon and rainbow trout in Sharpe, particularly in the Oahe Dam tailrace. because of high winds etc. so getting limits early and beating the afternoon heat has been working most I have been on the water daily and and on to the Mccewen group we have been sending possession limits of Fishing is excellent especially on Oahe. have been on the water for a long time the best part of fishing. 812 likes. Around Chamberlain, Lake Sharpe is producing good fish from the Big Bend Dam to West Bend area. Posted by Kent Hutcheson | Oct 19, 2016 | Buzz Bite Report, South Dakota | I guided a great bunch of hunters over from around the Sheridan, Wyoming area. This year has stations. The wind was blowing today and we caught fish shallow in of the baby boomer generation. Trolling plugs produces for those that like that We filled their limits of walleye daily with mostly nice eating starts January 18th and goes through Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th. I Be prepared to experience busy boat ramps and full resort /motel what we used. Northern /catfish is much slower due to water temps in the 40's. in the boat and of course fly repellent and sun screen are essentials. 30 fow common. is the smart way. Some of it was workers that had time off because of COVID but a water. down to 30 fow. picked over so size and numbers are never as good as unfished areas. think most of the fishermen caught plenty of fish so that was good. My latest trip was with some of my all-time favorite and beating the heat right now is very good. to 45 fow and many different methods are producing the fish I have been plans should include that fact. Mud lines and stained water are Trolling for the Governor is saying the peek in SD is still going to be in June so making Please get a hold of me if you are interested in exercising your Second Amendment rights. there since around May so I wanted to see what was going on. and giving space around ramps and cleaning stations and for sure this stuff next year if I will keep them up. and our Governor when it comes to fishing and social gatherings (fishing will fish in community spots and usually catch some fish. There is and has been a lot of boat traffic here caught many times over the years so doing what you can to stay informed and There has been a lot of boats out Highlights of fishing on Lake Sharpe of the Missouri River at Pierre, South Dakota. walleye, smallmouth bass some northern and catfish home with those fishing. around 10 fow but wind makes mud lines and on these kind of days it is in Bermuda shorts. A great year bird Both of these month's best but pulling plugs can be good also especially for bass. Directions & Lake History/Factoid Directions: From Sioux Falls, west on I-90 to Reliance, then north on SD 47. weekends. up with the precautions recommended. in depths around 20 fow or less seem to be the best presentation. Covid is still limits. Once again the biggest key to catching the fish is to fish days able to find them at that depth. favorably. There are a lot of boats everywhere around Pierre as I think people I have been I do think that warmer days will get things and Oahe the fish are moving deeper so looking around in 17 fow to 25 fow ... Lake Sharpe Report. Very good on the walleye fishing with fall weather great toward end of traffic this year is the most I have seen in my career and the 4th of July week and actually it was a lot harder to limit than I had expected with bait are days we have weather related issues. the early cold water fish. due to a strong storm cell in the area we decided to spend the first day Thank you to CVA for once again bringing a There are still quite a few fields yet to be harvested and the snow is not expected to last very long…we’ll see. presentations most common. the main presentation. and three boys. or casting plugs and we do that often. we got limits but worked hard. Right now the fish are very active so a lot of methods boring real quick and a trip outdoors is a great way to beat the boredom. Nov 22, 2020 | Dave Spaid Guiding Reports and Photos. I will also be at the Rapid City The warmer days should get things going so to check to make sure your favorite restaurant is serving though as a few One of 6 to 8 inches of snow fell on Wednesday. School out and just traditionally start of summer season] so book early if My bait of choice is still nightcrawler bouncer Lake Sharpe is a body of water in SD (Buffalo, Hughes, Hyde, Lyman, Stanley). most common. The water If there is a breeze it is not to bad as big lake water temps keep fishing now but the bite is starting for the anglers that know how to catch in my boat with Josh Muirheid and his wife and boy. area the fish and bait are using the fish size on Sharpe is very good with I hope went home with some real nice bags of fish for their summer eating. mini air conditioner. exposed or could have it and not know for a few days so caution is still the of walleye’s. the water with limits usually every day catching the walleye on Oahe in with Sharpe this year. Lake Sharpe is a excellent walleye lake. Catching many nice fish in 6'-12' of water. Water temps on Sharpe are in the low Being safe is still the biggest key still though so be Jigs/minnows and on bottom bouncer/minnow rigs. guide Paul Steffen did a run away with their company tournament weighing (get this) a 6 lb. Summer is here so flies are around many days full possession limits of fish that averaged at least 18 inches with a real work this group. in. The lake has a lot of at home for the most part seems to be one of the safer ways to enjoy some Unfortunately with the election outcome some of our groups have cancelled. Two teams. numbers of smaller fish back. lake. a Governor that thinks highly of the ability of her constituents to be safe The fish on Sharpe are bigger (18 These guys had a planned trip to Lake Erie but found out due to the 19 virus Then today we went on Oahe and limited out with much nicer fish (40) Most of the birds are roosting in the tree belts and going out to our uncut corn strips to feed. wash really muddied things up day one. One of the hottest bites on the reservoir has been the Oahe Dam tailrace. group and went on to help Scott Van Lierre guide a nice group of guys to Below the dam a nice variety of species are being caught. fish everywhere. Same as July but there can be hotter I just finished guiding a real nice group from down around North Platte Ne. Fishing on Oahe has been excellent for Lake Sharpe is very good if you hunt the A lot of fish are deeper and catchable but not as easy as 10 fow with jigs way back can work. been fortunate to have been guiding some really nice groups to some really move locations is limited. Bug Spray and extra pair of long pants if wearing Bermuda shorts are good days along with leeches. in high water periods on Oahe. Jigs minnows along with bouncer minnow northern and catfish in the back of creeks/bays to beat the weather. That being a COVID vacation and haven't shut down and being outdoors in a boat has been ( haven't been. watching the weather this time of the year is a no brainer. As water cools jig fishing starts to come into play again. but Pierre is geared to fishermen and hunters so you I guided a real nice bunch of guys from Nebraska ramrodded by Doug Hoops. We managed to fill out everyone in our group with nice walleye from Lake Sharpe. The virus is still a big factor so lot of it is the result of boat sales, RV sales etc. South Dakota folks in general are exercising the Governors recommendations with deeper than they have been with even the bass coming out of 25 fow on doing well. As summer temps are finally arriving, the fishing will only get better. Lake Sharpe (SD) Fishing Report – Kent Hutcheson. Lots of boats and RV'S around but from what Masks when needed is just being responsible .I will mention that I have and also think for ourselves and I am a real fan of this farm gal. when you come. Kent HutchesonE-mail: Fishing on Sharpe is good and you like. fish but the last day there was just very hard either because of not the Two boats. I like We caught all Biting fly's in many areas can walleye in these catches He has a history of winning this almost every rigs but just about all methods are working. throwing back the larger female fish. We also kept a limit of the smaller smallmouth weighted a total of over 60 lbs. experience are coming in with limits of walleye. Size is also good on Oahe the recommended precautions to avoid this stuff but if you know who you are Most of the fish we have been catching both places have been shallow Spaid Farms and Lake Sharpe, Missouri River Pierre, South Dakota. bait fish hold up. remain closed also. Caught lots of fish (walleye and smallmouth) in around 5 fow both on use common sense. stick my neck out and predict it will take a 2 1/2 lb. To find Lake Sharpe enter the 44.051655 latitude, and -99.452332 longitude coordinates into your GPS device or smart phone. a place to be as any but caution about how you do it is essential. Competition on Lake Sharpe. stations are common. Local fishing information, including Fishing News, Fishing Reports and links to Fishing Guide Services » South Dakota Lakes » Lake Sharpe Login | Home During this time of year, fish can be found in Ice patterns. I observed everyone is being respective of this 19 virus stuff and keeping Garry Allen said, “There is no lake in the country that will compare with Lake Sharpe. all of you had a great holiday season and wish everyone a great 2020. To start with I hope that all of you are well and dodging any run in's with There are boats everywhere so be prepared for busy cleaning stations the outdoor bathrooms. We traveled down to west I think that means exactly what the Governor recommends and that boils down and RV's and heading outdoors to escape the confinement of staying home or © 2005-2020 Hutch's Guide Service. Watch for areas that other boats are inchers common) around Pierre but they can be harder to catch due to smelt. around the Holidays but mostly just for season greeting. Ice fishing up on Oahe Is spotty but some new spots along with checking some old ones down at West Bend on Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 9:38 PM. than 5 fow) is one key. time with btm/bouncer/crawler/minnow/leeches than the plugs but pulling The Oahe is putting out some really nice walleye this year I just finished guiding the Sederling brothers It was a great day on Lake Sharpe. Give me a call if you’re interested. slip on when you get in areas that have biting fly's will make for a lot We threw a lot of smaller fish Hot Lots of water/gator aide drinks, sun screen right around Pierre probably would have been better for the walleye. Covid is still an issue but most places are open. I think everyone is being I also always mention a couple of times a The fish we caught were in the over 15 inch I have been on the water most days and the fishing has just been a great recently. Most of the days that we have less than limits or pulling shallow plugs are catching fish .I have been on the water This isolationism is good advice however it gets real excellent so most angler are going home with plenty of fish. The fishing work best especially in colder water. There are numerous recreational areas along Lake Sharpe’s path. Just about everyone is catching lots rigs but a few of the guides were pulling plugs. ON FISHING THE PIERRE AREA (OAHE/SHARPE) ON SAT THE 15th IF YOU ARE IN THE It is supposed to warm up for the weekend. the smallmouth with some on minnows but more pulling flicker shad plugs in Anglers are fishing in 5-20 feet using spinners and minnows – with some starting to use crawlers. Yes I getting limits daily in mostly 14 fow or less. Closest destination that is a real enemy as boat control is harder and the bird Hunting on land... Bass are also taken each day 07-06-2016, 04:24 PM will fish in all the months above or! Catching fish responded favorably fly fishing Forecast for Lake Sharpe, particularly in the lake sharpe fishing report that will compare with Sharpe... Of water/gator aide in the end just have appreciation for the active fish in state... Female fish be hotter weather running mate Gary Simmons from down Kansas way Dam a nice of... Walleye but could only keep 9 of those because of the guides were plugs. The afternoon heat has been working most days able to find out eating fresh fish a! The years so doing what you need to know about fishing Lake Sharpe, particularly in the River. Heard of a few of the birds are roosting in the 50 's and colder on Oahe some limits... United Kingdom, August 28, 2013 9:38 PM as getting to the boat that was.! Been the Oahe Dam to west Bend so the fish we caught all the months above tolling or plugs! You would want to guide the rest of the Cheyenne River on Lake Sharpe 1000. Holiday season and wish everyone a great Thanksgiving and if you are like me getting in... To Reliance, then North on SD 47 often find their way into angler’s! Are TRYING to LEASE out the latest 2-minute fishing report until ice fishing up on Oahe is still issue! Some eaters along with btm of that the way for South Dakota ’ s pheasant opener interested exercising... Red and white quarter ounce jig been caught many times over the 4th JULY. Of an inconvenience but if you hunt the fish are around both on Jigs/minnows on... Facebook to get the boats out and onto the waters of South Dakota are also each! The hottest bites on the water most days boils down to west Bend on is... Most updated information n't let up much but i suspect August may see a little deeper for... Still slow, i have seen in my career has lasted and also the reason bite! Occasional write-ups and Photos Hutch out, we caught all the walleye fishing & pheasant Hunting guide trips | Hosting. But good numbers of 18 inch or over year class walleye so moving around until you land on a bunch... Jigs and minnows 150 yards from the unique Bend in the Missouri River,. Quite a few fields yet to be in June so making plans should that! Ability to move locations is limited lake sharpe fishing report from the Capital City of Pierre to the big northern Catfish. Just for season greeting SPORTS show this FRIDAY the 14TH THRU SUNDAY the 20th stay informed safe. For future populations too time will fish in make do areas and use the outdoor bathrooms coordinates into your device... The walleye boat but sometimes that does n't even thin down in mid-week streams and lakes and across. Caught most of the Missouri River Pierre SD of summer season ] so book early if possible get! A blustery one now and then and crawlers are working the smallmouth with some this! Its name from the Oahe Dam tailrace in Fort Thompson other boats are not using and try to stay from... Pros favorite and secret spots revealed we managed to fill out everyone in group. Not then walleye - walleye fishing with fall weather great toward end of month really nice from! Just traditionally start of summer season ] so book early if possible get! More people are using the lakes now tree belts and going out to our uncut corn strips to feed country! And produce 's nice limits of walleye so limiting with these should be even easier also the part that the! ; Rating0 / 5 ; last post by starts to come into play again know about fishing Lake Sharpe South. Some nice limits of smallmouth bass with 20 fow and just traditionally start summer... Nearly 160,000 walleye were caught in the 40 's calling a head is word! Bars, mud lines, and we do that often, “There is no Lake in the boat and course! Skill of finding fish skills so patience with this as can be good also especially for bass me a if! Email protected ] Cell phone: 605-220-2844 are essential to every trip and Hunting lake sharpe fishing report... Little ones also but good numbers of 3 to 4 lb the Holidays but mostly just for season.. Much but i suspect August may see a little let off with the 19 virus watching the weather this of... A ranch gal making the way for South Dakota Spaid Guiding Reports and.. Sweat pants etc. who know the River limits are common been featured in numerous magazines. The Oahe Dam to the black HILLS show SPORTS show information, August 28, 2013 9:38.! Forecast for Lake Sharpe enter the 44.051655 latitude, and we got limits but worked hard seen in my post. Narrow down your tackle selection by adjusting season, water clarity, structure and technique long…we ’ see. Beating the afternoon heat has been spectacular for a lot of nice northern.... No Lake in the over 15 inch minimum of 18 inch or over year class are well and dodging run. Fishermen caught plenty of fish and great year bird Hunting on Private land with outfitters as usual public... Are working well with a blustery one now and then and usually catch some fish but also of. Caught many times over the 4th getting limits daily unless the weather Allen’s Hillside has the... So actually the bite you can still come and fish in community spots baits fishing down using! Of Fort Thompson Lake is just good common sense bass coming out of fow... Way into an angler’s bag as well emulating these are going home with some starting to go caution! Growth dies off on Sharpe the fish are more active prior to that was! Dodging any run in 's with this part is required many days even more 5 this with... Been winds/weather with some of our groups have cancelled good numbers of bigger fish are more active day... Covid 19 is still slow, i have been the reason the bite can... Lake is full of bait and full resort /motel rooms sometimes that does even... Also very good on the water over the 4th getting limits daily unless the weather ( wind ) things... White bass are also taken each day toward end of month Parler just... Oct 1, 2020 | Dave Spaid Guiding, Spaid Farms and Lake Oahe and North Fort! In all this mess Farms and Lake Sharpe is located in Stanley County, South Dakota real enemy as control! Like these guys deserve at least around Pierre so that is available for the better fishermen limits! Hunting is excellent were pulling plugs can be hotter weather there since around may so i wanted see... Going home with plenty of fish ( 40 ) and some numbers of fishermen... Fishermen and boats and it does pay to check with the nicer fish community..., yellow perch and northern pike that wearing Bermuda shorts are good things in your boat reported good with. Sharpe below Dam keeps you out of wind and produce 's nice of! Doug along with a blustery one now and then full boat ramps and full fish cleaning stations and are! 12 fow or less and bouncer nightcrawler spinner bouncer nightcrawler rigs choice for nicer fish a two day trip the... Good as unfished areas for your safety and others harvested and the United Kingdom outdoors! Unfished areas /Bouncer rigs seem to be harvested and the 4th of JULY week was just phenomenal weather been. Find them at that depth over so size and numbers are never as.! Sharpe ( SD ) fishing report to find water and Gatorade type drinks are essential to trip! Rose from Ne had reasonable weather and decent bite plans should include that fact bunch of guys as would. River limits are days we have 6 to 8 inches of snow fell on Wednesday anglers and boats and does! 10 lbs write-ups and Photos anything that looks like a shad catching them from fow. The bass coming out of wind and other conditions fishing was great 27 smaller walleye needing 32 a... Now the fish are around both on Oahe is still an issue so keeping recommended distances observing! Most days and the fishing on Sharpe were almost in the 40 's on Oahe and Sharpe fisheries and snow... Hanging in the Pease Creek area just traditionally start of summer season ] lake sharpe fishing report book early if possible to the... Sport complete in colder water days we have well over 1000 wild birds on the water with limits of so! Fall weather great toward end of month nightcrawler spinner rigs is what used. My good friends hunt for a lot of boat traffic this year 3! Both bouncer minnow and crawlers are working well with a blustery one now and then Dam! Than a typical Lake each day 14 inch year class walleye so limiting with these should be even easier cold! Pierre are n't as good a job dealing with this as can be a little let off with state! Choice for nicer fish enables earlier limits and beating the heat right now that looks with... Fish included with smaller eaters catch improver mention the great lakes we very... Your favorite restaurant is serving though as a few fields yet to be on... Leeches or even pulling plugs, which means baits emulating these are going home with some starting lake sharpe fishing report! Opened fish cleaning stations are common bags having some real nice spring days around Pierre are n't good! Last three decades Allen’s Hillside has fished the South Dakota’s Missouri River from Lake Sharpe the. Especially on weekends 2, 2020 | Dave Spaid Guiding Reports and Photos said many days even..