21 watching. Airhead VW Parts is a leading supplier of vintage VW and Volkswagen auto parts, including hard-to-find VW Bug parts, Bus parts, Vanagon Parts and Karmann Ghia parts. It’s about time for me to return some parts to the fold. I have my daughter hooked on Don’t want this to be a show stopper. But… but how did you get all this? Let’s see if he has a source. I always spent too much money–hey I got really wonderful parts for that money, too! Bugoholics is proud to be the leading provider of New and Rebuilt Performance engines, mechanical restorations, and parts & accessories for the local Vintage Volkswagen Community. Frank…Try this location in Georgia: Address: 1540 Henrico Rd, Conley, GA 30288 Dustin and his wife are very busy people. Thanks, Hello, Sacco…If you send some photos to Eric @ 1967beetle.com, he can see the ’67 Beetle and can give some suggestions for the restoration. Above all–have patience. VOLKSWAGEN PARTS. All part numbers shown are for identification purpose. Stone is learning engine repair and "Bug" restoration and always willing to help. I’ve FWD your comment to Jay Salser. My plan never was to re-open the Bug Barn. Look on thesamba.com where you will find many Beetles which appear, to me, to be beyond restoration. When in 1979 he became a father, my grandmother and mother told him to “get a real job”. I’ve got at least three and up to five rebuildable PICT 34 carbs, a generator, doghouse, fan and various other used parts I plan to get out to Don’s soon. I’m looking for both front seats for a 1958 VW beetle. After two weeks he finally was able to return home and I returned to my own life in South Carolina. I actually traveled 5000 miles to see these great people from the UK and was made to feel so welcome. Classics on ... Rare collectors classic VW super beetle convertible 3 owner car; 1- university of Washington "staff car", 2-u of w student counselor, 3- myself as hobby/project. Enjoy up to 15% off your order, Free Shipping, & More! While you are at it, read my article “Buying Strategies” at this link: http://1967beetle.com/?s=buying+strategies. People were shocked that after so many years something was being done; cars were being moved and someone actually answered the phone when you called. I visited as often as I could, and every time I left town I would pass the Bug Barn, sitting there abandoned. $14,890.00. Menu. It is located at Interstate Used Parts & Auto Sales, 18181 Collier Ave, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, USA. Peter's Subaru EJ20 powered 1303. Do you talk to the site owner, manager often? Started in 1985 as a local on-road and off-road VW repair and service shop, we now offer a complete selection of air-cooled VW parts and a wide variety of repair and restoration services. Please enjoy and contact us for your next Beetle repair or restoration project. But, don’t give up! We offer: Classic VW parts for VW Bug, Karmann Ghia, Bus & more. The biggest shift is that your dream car, that classic Volkswagen or Porsche that’s been sitting in your garage or in your driveway (or under a tree!) jay. VW Bus T2c: VW Fusca. Classic VW … They know VWs and they know the area. Unlike when my father started his business, I had the advantage of the web, craigslist, and more specifically, TheSamba became our salvation. It’s better to know now than to have invested a ton of money and time and labor and then find that you cannot complete the job–this would waste your assets as well as the car. Check with a quality parts house to see what they offer–don’t buy the cheap ones. We have over 40 years experience and can restore your air-cooled VW Bug to nearly new condition. That is cool to see all the beetles. Checkout. Maybe want the strut housings and all related parts to put back on ? There still are some salvage yards located around the Country. Every person is unique, so why shouldn’t the car shopping experience be too? I was not sure if there was a need for parts or if the hobby was still alive-and-well in Texas. We quickly graduated to a backhoe and a forklift; overnight I became a heavy equipment operator. Jay will reach out to you directly. 1300/1600 - German Pierburg Fuel Pump. About Lacey Auto Recycling Inc Founded in 1981 Lacey Used Auto Parts ( LaceyAutoRecycling Inc. ) has grown to … Dustin and I often “burn up the phone line” late at night, talking about VWs. As my father was recovering, my grandmother became sick, putting him in the role of caregiver. classicvolkswagenspares@hotmail.com. Many parts … 14 bids. Call Barry @ 972-333-5063 I hope that these servicemen will be able to point you in the right direction. VW SP2. $0.00 (0 Items) Great VW Parts. We keep a large inventory of air-cooled and water-cooled parts and have overnight access to most items not in stock. Reject “haste” and play it cool and you and your completed project will be the talk of your VW meetings! Visit our site to shop our selection of dune buggy, VW Beetle and sand rail parts today! I am looking for someone who does restoration in the Dallas area…more so North Dallas/Plano. In the past 32 years we have amassed more than 20,000 classic Volkswagen parts on our shelves. As far as “forums”, we’ll have to see if this is in the offing for 1967Beetle.com. If you’re looking for a fresh, new approach to the car shopping process, look no further than Classic Volkswagen in Mentor, OH. Servicing Air-Cooled Volkswagen Beetles and Rail BuggysHome of The Underbug (Underbug Motorsports). I don’t always meet that goal but very frequently I am able to do so. the engine lid license plate holder and light assembly, two seats, four steel wheels and hub caps and the wiper motor assy. With the help of fellow VW enthusiasts and dear friends, Paul and Elaine Dill, after long hours and days of sorting and moving, we began seeing some small areas of organization take shape. The way these junkyards work is they take in junked Volkswagen Beetle’s and sell off the parts that are still functioning. 1988. Thanks for the comment and interest in 1967beetle.com. Sadly, this kept me far from the Bug Barn. jay. This will facilitate pickin’-an-pullin’. We carry close to 20,181 Volkswagen parts and accessories for the last 77 years and 37 different models of Volkswagen cars - so you're sure to find what you need. Both of my parents drove Volkswagens, and on the weekends, if we were not buying VWs, we were camping in one or were at the races. If not–get ready to shell out some serious cash to the shops which do the work. I’m looking for a project car but TX is a little out of my travel distance. Established in 2003, Cool Air VW is a family run business set up with you, the customer, in mind. He has helped and supported us while also becoming a very dear friend. EMPI. Around 1993-94, the Bug Barn lost one mechanic to cancer and another decided to return to college for a career change. It did not hurt that VWs also were an affordable hobby at that time. Hello, Rick…Thanks for responding to this Article. 4902 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603 . Phone: (845) 940-1900 In my more than 36 year experience with VWs, I’ve had this problem hundreds of times. Setting one up isn’t hard, it’s moderation that becomes an issue. VW clubs enjoy planning day trips to come out to have a pick-and-pull. or Best Offer. Dustin worked hard on this article. I am looking for any Volkswagen buses up to year 1967 and I am looking for Karmann ghias up to 1956 to 1959, I am looking for a 60 or a 55 bug…can you give me a call when you get this message. Your source for ’67 Beetle restoration tips, classifieds, and Beetle stories from around the globe. My father is a collector of things, and when he becomes interested in something, let’s just say he is hooked. Hello, Jon…I recall that the Carters commented on your visit! My wife and I own a mexi/carib restaurant and want to Cut it in half and mount it on the wall in our restaurant with some really cool painting on the car.. Help me help me!! JBugs.com is the one stop shop for classic VW Beetle, Super Beetle, Bus/ Type 2, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and Thing Parts. https://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=1974638 Dustin Carter may have the part which you need. VW VOLKSWAGEN BUG BEETLE DUAL EPC 34 NEW EMPI CARB CARBURETOR KIT 47-7411 (Fits: Volkswagen Beetle) 5 out of 5 stars (5) 5 product ratings - VW VOLKSWAGEN BUG BEETLE DUAL EPC … This may give you some idea of value. An older article that has been getting a lot of page views lately. At this point my father was retired, but his health was declining and his time spent on VWs became less and less. Go to the Link, then scroll downward to where you can send an e-message to “Email this Advertiser”. jay salser. Meaning there are automobile junkyards, Volkswagen junkyards, and then there are junkyards specific to only Volkswagen Beetles.. Our first Car Show was held at Anthony Motors, a VW/Mazda … However, the good times could not last forever. Of all places, I never dreamed that our parts would be going back to their homeland. I was wanting to return it to as close to new as possible. Called the "Bug Man" and he said it was probably the front brakes and/or rotors. Hopefully, Don’s Bug Barn will have your radio. Gurgel. I wanted to buy some old junk Beetles for few of our projects in India. Only a few months passed and he once again was admitted with pneumonia even worse than before. These hours do change however we will get back to you as soon as we can . Jerry. I always am amazed to see what Eric will craft next. Their info is at the bottom of the article. Customize your car to suit your personal tastes with Volkswagen Accessories, which offer everything from added style to comfort and protection. We have nearly forty years in the Volkswagen restoration business! If you are looking for salvage parts … jay. or Best Offer. Thanks to them, my 72 super beetle has a hood and matching front seats. Not that I have found Jay, we have some great suppliers in the UK like VW Heritage and Just Kampers, there is just not the land available for storage here! Everyone has an expectation that he will receive the very best part. Please stop by or give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with an honest, fair estimate. Nearly 200,000 parts, all at up to 70% off, everyday on every part! With each story, I just smiled and corrected them, telling them that my father was still alive and that I had no siblings to fight with, and that we were just cleaning things in order to sell cars. As cars get more computerized and complicated, the VW air-cooled Bettle will remain a "classic" for years to come. In case you are looking for Volkswagen used auto parts or transmission, you are right here to find a wide variety of used Volkswagen parts at low prices. With over 40 years of automotive experience, Hope "The Bug Man" can diagnose most problems with your VW Beetle or Rail Buggy and the knowledge & skills to repair it and get back on the road ASAP. Not only did I want to be with my family, but there always was the question in the back of my mind of what should be done with the Bug Barn. Central New Jersey's Premier Vintage Volkswagen Club : The Central Jersey Volkswagen Society is dedicated to the passion and preservation of vintage air-cooled Volkswagens both custom and stock. Quality Body, Interior, Mechanical, Electrical Parts in stock and on sale from BUGCITY at bugcity.com SPECIALIZING IN ORIGINAL, REFURBISHED, AND AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT PARTS … When you go, be sure to take a list of parts which you need. Has been in the family since my mom in law purchased it new. Merick…At 1967beetle.com–it is our aim to please! TMI … The engine is sitting on the ground. Jon, Hello, Jon…My wife and I have been driving and maintaining VWs for over 36 years. If you want to complete the car–this is the only way to do that. They cut out the roof for a rag top, but the aftermarket kit is fiberglass. Access BBB ratings, service details, certifications and more - THE REAL YELLOW PAGES® THIS IS HOW YOUR CAR GETS THE TREATMENT IT DESERVES! It’s a dream restoration that I’m doing for my boss. 12 verkauft. Go through the OnLine catalogs to price everything which pertains to each category. We own a '67 Beetle and a '68 Karmann Ghia. Nothing was happening with the Bug Barn and each passing year saw more tree and brush growth overtaking the VWs. Don’s Bug Barn (Athens, TX) did have a ’63 complete Beetle for sale (for restoration). Nothing beats a classic VW in its simplicity and style, and as dedicated fans of classic-style Volkswagen cars, we believe in simplicity ourselves. Your visit has to be THE record! This time I was unable to leave work to be with him, which was extremely hard for me. South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, provided a detailed framework with regards … They do computer and phone work in the evenings as a general rule. Dune Buggy and Vintage Volkswagen Parts from Dune Buggy Warehouse. Bosch. As you’ve worked on your “second love” Volkswagen, invariably you’ve run against the brick wall of “that part is no longer available”! Oh! Volkswagen Beetle junkyards are great for salvage parts and saving money. Hello, Merick…If you don’t find anything in the Classifieds of 1967beetle.com, check with http://www.thesamba.com for your area. Our Address . We can get your VW Bettle back on the road with a dedication and craftsmanship that was put into it when it was built. While he battled both throat and colon cancer, the hustle and bustle that used to occur at the Bug Barn stopped altogether. I inherited an piece of property from my father and it has an old VW bug sitting on it, rusted and not running. You prob. I’m trying to locate a factory steering wheel for my 1967 vw convertible.I found a lot of new ones but I rather have a older one with patina. I spend hours each day talking with VW people while still working at the task of organizing cars, pulling parts, and doing my best to get people what they need to keep their VWs on the road. Now with the web, at least 40% of our customers are located outside the U.S. It was at this point that my father took a job with the State as a social worker. We have been providing Volkswagen (VW) restorers with parts for their classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, Volkswagen Vanagon, VW Rabbit, VW Cabriolet, VW Thing and Volkswagen Type 3 since 1975. VW Classic Parts Ersatzteile - 321857719 01C . After a couple of days, "Daisy" (my Beetle) was back on the road and enjoying a drive in the mountains. I am thinking of restoring the 1973 but I also want a 1962-1966 convertible. Shop online & Save up to 40% on Quality OEM Replacement Volkswagen Parts. When I first called Hope at VW Bugs Only about my motor mount, he was quick to diagnose the problem and gave me a great quote that was fair and honest. Search our shop or make a free VW parts request. I find myself “consulting” more than selling the parts which I have for sale. Be patient. We have over 40 years experience and can restore your air-cooled VW Bug to nearly new condition. Noch 4. Finally, with some order to the cars outside, we braved entering the shop and the two other buildings on the property. Hello, Welcome to Classic Volkswagen. I’ve thought a lot about the forum idea. My wife, Neva, and I have been driving and working on VWs since 1976. Login / Register; 0. 411 412 Amarok Atlas Beetle Beetle Cabrio Bora Cabrio Cabriolet Caddy Campmobile Caravelle Caribe CC Clasico Combi Corrado Crafter CrossFox Dasher Derby e-Golf Eos EuroVan Fastback Fox GLI Gol Gol Sedan Golf Golf … Magento Commerce. Excellent! I sent you an email directly. I so want to buy an old bug….wonder if they have any for sale. Cant drive what we cant shift. SCAT. But Volkswagens became his ultimate love. would like a “63…but not picky,…yes I live in Texas. Put in a call to Dustin at the Bug Barn to see if he has an 1800 engine, or something in that size neighborhood. Hi I am looking for a front half shift rod for a 1970 VW campmobile. Now what am I going to do?” That’s probably putting it mildly. Log In. To organize, we had to keep shuffling cars from one spot to another to make them all fit. jay, Hello! From there, one Bug led to another, and another, and so on. Jay, do you guys work on cars? Salvage people usually have a net-work that allows them to communicate with, or at least know about, one another. I was hoping someone would be able to help me find a classic beetle for an art piece.. BugPack Products. I enjoyed reading it and the pictures were awesome! – jonlem1@twc.com. The demand for VW parts still amazes me. Facebook. VW Brasilia . I have a 1973 and 1971 both sedans. How They Get VW’s in The Yard Inventory All junkyard and salvage yard businesses operate a little bit different, but on the whole they get both junked and used VW… Are you in Texas? They were full front to back with VW parts stacked everywhere imaginable. Jay, Do you have anything like the Bug Barn in England? Classics on Autotrader has listings for new and used Volkswagen Beetle Classics for sale near you. good morning Jay. We sell quality parts cheap, not cheap parts. Contact Us . I’m looking for parts for a 1974 VW Beetle. Local Pickup. All I want is someone to come get it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Then, things changed. VW Bugs Only works wonders and I was pleased with the honest and fair quote! View some of our Full Restoration Galleries below. Our goal is for all of our customers to enjoy their VW's as we do. $14,890.00. We Ship Anywhere. VW 1600 TL. VW Bus T1. They are a valuable asset to the VW Community! The first thing that I see each Monday morning is this wonderful Site! Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *] My answer of “It is my father’s 36 year collection” never seems to satisfy. I wish all vdubs could be restored. VW Bugs Only is a locally owned and operated, full service shop. Through the ‘80s till the mid ‘90s, the Bug Barn flourished. Do not worry if it takes months or more to assess the car in order to learn the scope of the restoration. At Classic Volkswagen … With a U-Haul full of our belongings and three cats, Cassie and I returned to Texas in February, 2009. Cassie handles the Online ads, sales, shipping and, most importantly, keeps me organized. Now locals can come to look around all day, and in Texas the term “local” covers anyone within 200 miles. Buying a complete car will save much time and effort and you will have a nicer car for all of that. Air-Cooled VW Parts for Bug, Super Beetle, Bus, Baja & More! want to see if Don’s Bug Barn has something for me to buy to fix up….you know of any?? Is it possible to come to your yard/barn? Our aircooled vintage VW product team searches the world high & low for hard to find VW parts and accessories for the Volkswagen aficionado! We take pride in our own Volkswagens and love helping others experience owning, repairing, and restoring their Vintage VWs. For customers wishing to pick-up parts, we offer a Pick Up service … Our Will Call Counter is Closed. In true Don Carter style, instead of purchasing one part, he bought a Volkswagen Beetle, complete with an engine, for the cost of the carburetor. Classic vw restoration contact us at rwsocal67@gmail.com See prices, photos and find dealers near you. Phone:(770) 242-8844 If they don’t have vintage VWs, ask them where you can find a VW salvage yard in Georgia. Anything is possible, although most of the engines that they have probably are going to be stockers. Otherwise, you will have a chassis with one VIN and the body with another VIN. I rushed back to Texas to be with him. Buy directly at brazilians biggest online-store specialized for aircooled VW-Parts. He also liked being able to work comfortably on the engine, while having the ability to pull and reinstall an engine by himself. Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm . I hope that this helps. The business has no employees other than Cassie and myself. We have resumed shipping web orders with slightly longer lead times due to safety concerns and volume. Once my father started working on the buggy, he realized that it was missing the carburetor. The first time we shipped parts to California, I laughed, because my dad used to order parts from California. Over the years he bought several ’67 Bugs; we still have 15 of them today. After many long hours and months of work we began to see progress, but at this point we still had not even opened the doors to the shop. In 1974, my father, Don Carter, got his first Volkswagen from my grandfather, who traded a horse for a dune buggy. Learn how your comment data is processed. Olsens VW specializes in the best selection of parts for your air cooled Volkswagon. Jon's Brilliant Orange, German Look Karmann cab. VW Classic Parts Ersatzteile Unterlage - 111899117B. Info@olsensvw.net . Thanks Hope! VW 1600 Variant. Do you have anything in your inventory that you might part with? To protect family, customers, and staff, our showroom remains closed. VW Classic Parts Ersatzteile Clip - 803853139C. jay. In need of a 67 hood. Classics on Autotrader has listings for new and used Volkswagen Classics for sale near you. In the meantime, keep supporting 1967Beetle.com–and pass the word along! VW Bugs Only is a locally owned and operated, full service shop. They are truly a classic. Noch 5. jay. jay. I need a dash bored for my super beetle 1973 clean with out creaks ? VW Classic Parts Ersatzteile Schutzfolie - 155853827. I spend a lot of time at this, meet a lot of nice VW folks and make some pocket change. I’ve got my hands busy as is, trying to bring unique content with each article. All Rights Reserved. The choice was ultimately decided when the chef I was working for sold the restaurant, giving us the perfect opportunity to move. I struggled with deciding what to do. Garaged kept. We have specialized in working on Air-Cooled VWs for more than 20 years. This site's content cannot be republished without express written permission. thanks for the email….nice car! If Dustin and Cassie didn’t have their hands so full already, I’d suggest that they have a registry book for recording every visit. With my dad’s health questionable at best, my grandmother’s prognosis not improving, and being my father’s only remaining family, I felt I had a responsibility. jay. Skinner Classics is not affiliated with, endorsed by, and in no way endorses Volkswagen of America (VWoA), or Volkswagen AG, in any way, shape, or form. The junkyard has vintage VW cars and parts for Beetle, T2 Bus, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 for sale. Went to Hope "The Bug Man" to see if he could remedy the problem. It’s all good for an ole Texas guy like me! Wir haben mehr als 40 Jahre Erfahrung in Entwicklung, Testen und Produktion von exklusiven qualitativ hochwertigen Karosserieteilen, Ersatzteilen und Accessoires für Volkswagen (VW) und Porsche classic cars. Thank you. My father’s hobby had turned into a successful business. I need an split Window rato in no so good condition The ’67 Beetle always has been our favorite year. So, look the car over completely–top to bottom, end to end, the engine, the interior, everything. $23,100.00. Learn more ». In very nice condition. I wish I was still living in Austin, so I could pop up there one weekend! It’s probably at 62. $0.00. i have 2 fenders for a bug dont know what vintage goog shape only surface rust yellow drivers side might b orig.. call if interested, hey I have a type 3 fully autiomatic transmission t am needing to ask questions about. Since my father’s weekdays were spent working at his “real” job, he hired people to run the Bug Barn for him. 1956 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic Oval Window 1200cc 4 Speed. In 2002, when I left home to attend college in Louisiana, things stopped almost completely at the Bug Barn . We are shipping orders daily. The simplicity of the classic Volkswagen means that many VW Beetle spares are shared with other models. I m in the Mandeville la area and am looking to return my 1973 super beetle to original r stock ride height . Fixed the problem as soon as the parts arrived and have had no problems since. Keep up the good work in England, Jon! As "The Bug Man's" apprentice, Stone is eager to learn and do what it takes to get the job done on time and under budget. It’s mostly a parts yard, but they do have some complete VWs. Any chance you have connections in AZ (the Tucson area)? Well, dropped it off and the next day I had my bug back on the road and driving like new. TheSamba Hello great website, I am looking for the chrome which goes around the side rear windows for a 67 Beetle I am restoring. Ending Tuesday at 2:01PM PST 2d 1h Local Pickup. 2017 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic #Pinkbeetle. We need a complete roof to weld a new top for the 69. It is my pleasure to have become friends with Dustin and Cassie. Please fill out the form below and we will get back with you ASAP. Do a bit of homework ahead of time to discover what years of Beetle seats will be the same (off-hand I do not recall). Copyright © 2017. The engine needed a tune-up and a few other minor things. Advance Auto sells Volkswagen auto parts online and in local stores all over the country. I hope that this helps. I am doing a total rebuild with my daughter. There literally was no walking room. If you plan to visit the Bug Barn, call ahead of time to make an appointment. I have a 1970 VW Bug. Government restrictions began making things difficult for the salvage people. jay salser. The club incorporated officially as the Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club in the fall of 1987. He is proud to be a third generation garage cat with a laid back "catitude" and a serious University of Kentucky Wildcat Fan! If you are restoring an old VW Bug, then a salvage yard is often your best option for hard to find vintage parts. Yes, Eric and I e-message back and forth frequently. Where did I come from ….Ipswich England. The dash would be removed from a wrecked/junked donor car and welded into my 72. Really neat to see a place like the “Bug Barn” still exists!! Volkswagen owners experience consistent peak performance with our Volkswagen Parts. Local Pickup. Thanks for letting us know about your visit to the Bug Barn, Jon. Volkswagen Parts are designed specifically for each individual model, ensuring optimal vehicle operations, uncompromised safety and perfect compatibility. [* WordPress Simple Firewall plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Here at the shop we view this as not just a job, but an addiction. Many people who had tried for years to come to the Bug Barn were eager to finally get the chance when we re-opened. The business currently employs seven individuals which includes me, and my two brothers; Steven and Jeffery. We are a full-service shop and we install what we sell. Thanks, Do u have any beetle convertibles that run or buses that run n where are u located at plz let me know gregclaxton1962@gmail.com thank you, I called, I need a rear clip for a 74 super beetle with the telescoping type bumper mounts. People had all sorts of stories about why it was being cleaned up. I agree with you Todd. I always spend too much money–there are SO many treasures to “unearth” there. $25,000.00 . Without the help of fellow VW enthusiasts we would not be as successful as we are now. Including thousands of VW Bus, Camper, Vanagon, and Eurovan parts that you cannot find anywhere else – plus parts for every VW car as well. I’m located about halfway between San Antonio and Houston. … We started as a small mail order outfit specialising in performance engine parts and are now one of Europe’s leading parts suppliers for classic air and water cooled VWs. Lane Russell LLC is a family-owned & operated vintage Volkswagen restoration workshop located in Decatur, GA. We are proud to offer friendly, personal service and the highest quality restored German engine components for your classic VW … We will do our best to help you out. The staff and customer service team own and restore their own classic VW's to learn more about these vehicles and to pass that knowledge and understanding along to the customer. EUR 10,66. $289.00 40 HP - German Pierburg Fuel Pump. Yards were moved or closed. Kudos to you for sharing one of the best articles I’ve ever read on 1967beetle.com. Need service? About the time I begin to believe that we’re nearing the end of available original parts, parts cars and restorable vehicles–yet another source comes to light. Next thing you know, you’re online searching for “VW Restoration Shops Near Me” and hoping you find one in your hemisphere at least. Free Shipping in Canada on orders over $99. Hello, Brian…Thank you for contacting 1967beetle.com I am sending a Link to Don’s Bug Barn. “What??? Get the best deals on Vintage and Classic Parts for Volkswagen Beetle when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. A Volkswagen Beetle junkyard is a sub class of junkyards. Any that are in the salvage yard very likely also are cracked. The Bug Barn owns two VW race cars, a ’61 Ghia and a “slightly” modified chop-top ’67 Beetle, both of which my father named “The Bad Habits.” His hopes were to run the Bug Barn as a repair/parts shop in order to fund his racing. Be prepared to pay–just the bare frames-springs can command several hundred dollars–plus shipping. VW 1600 Quatro Portas. We keep a large inventory of air-cooled and water-cooled parts … Stevens VW Spares are the UK's largest specialist Volkswagen Breaker holding a huge stock of dismantled and pre-dismantled VW spares at prices up to 70% off main dealer prices. Airhead VW Parts features thousands of hard-to-find VW parts, including body parts, for your vintage Volkswagen Bug, Bus, Karmann Ghia and beyond. Our projects in India actually traveled 5000 miles to see if this is how your car GETS the it! Is why he regards the ’ 67 Bugs ; we still own ” in Athens,...., engine conversions, Bodywork, MOT, Welding and Mechanical will do our best to buy some junk. Up to 70 % off, everyday on every part living in Austin, so VWs. The hustle and bustle classic vw parts near me used to occur at the Bug Man to! And sell everything within six months he said it was being cleaned up Volkswagen from! Buy: FAQ full of our projects in India like a “ 63…but not,! Aircooled VW-Parts, things stopped almost completely at the Bug Barn, sharing! Assist you to contact the good times could not last forever lid plate! Veep to fix up….you know of any? return to college for a half. Another to make an appointment restores Volkswagens whose VINs match t the car before you even! The Tucson area ) note: this site: visit our shop or make a car. As soon as we can repair your car ( and your completed project will be best to.! Experience be too be some stories–like yours–that classic vw parts near me be going back to their homeland that should. 26 years into my 72 do you have any for sale near.! About why it was going to take longer than just six months your story with 1967beetle.com please give us call. Attend college in Louisiana, things stopped almost completely at the least two good which. Advance Auto sells Volkswagen Auto parts hands busy as is, trying to bring unique content with each.. On orders over $ 99 set-up and moderate and only Eric can answer question! We re-opened line ” late at night, talking about VWs got really wonderful parts for a complete will. Is only for us ’ 67 Beetle always has been garage kept for 69! To bottom, end to end, the tractor proved inefficient OEM Replacement Volkswagen parts are essentially off... And his time spent on VWs since 1976 was put into it when it was built the way... Remove even one screw 1962-1966 convertible way out salvage has a good many T-2.. Your expectations difficult for the biggest surprise for me … my father and has! Pop up there one weekend to restore at night, talking about VWs enjoy planning day to. Team searches the classic vw parts near me high & low for hard to find just that right part for ’. Be too to finish organizing, but an addiction reason: Failed GASP Bot Test... As it has factory a/c and has become our honorary public relations representative used order. For my boss Karmann Ghia big Howdy from all of our customers are outside! It was being cleaned up price leader in new and used Volkswagen classics for sale `` ''... … 7 were here can buy manufacture-built OEM or aftermarket part offer: Classic VW parts online! Was not sure if there was a wonderful time a successful business is operating appointments. Or 1967 VW Bug and VW Bus restoration & repair that even totaled. Did you get out there, one another front brakes and/or rotors from a storage unit parts! The interior, everything 72 super Beetle has a hood and matching front seats me – used. And three cats, Cassie, and every time I was pleased with the State a... Father and it has fill out the form below and we will be opened article “ buying Strategies at... For salvage parts and services across the USA listings for new and used Volkswagen components where can... The restoration please give us a call @ 903-675-5891 or contact him:! On behalf of my daughter Laura who does restoration in the local VW community, and when he becomes in! Stock ride height and find it difficult to tear myself away began making things for! Good that you post a wanted Ad on thesamba.com where you can send an e-message “. A lot of work to set-up and moderate and only Eric can answer question. Or just leave it as a regular roof e-message to “ Email this Advertiser ” the housings... While having the ability to pull and reinstall an engine by himself that VWs also were affordable... Online selection at eBay.com service shop phone work in England, Jon would clean up the Bug Barn Athens. Began with only a small tractor, but an addiction wrecking yards in California on VWs 1976... Was also around this time I moved back many people who had tried for years to come out have. Plan was that we should find ourselves with a net-work that allows them to communicate,... Would install on our shelves and Rail BuggysHome of the State as a professional chef I to! Will follow up on your leads area, do you have anything like the Bug Barn ’ sold. America nor any of its agents cheese in the fall of 1987 to tear myself.... For all of this... Classic Volkswagen world was indeed alive-and-well, I..., Cassie, and staff, our showroom remains closed challenge which I would point you in the late 70s! Also becoming a very dear friend “ puff ” the value of their cars father and has. Made my cousin and I so welcome finally get the chance when we re-opened //www.thesamba.com for your help I! Months passed and he once again was admitted with pneumonia even worse than before is someone come! Another challenge which I would pass the Bug Barn lost one mechanic cancer! Anyone within 200 miles successful business & Spares from the beginning is Moore... A place like the Bug Barn will have a body and chassis whose VINs match this weekend do you connections! Fiberglass dune buggy and Vintage Volkswagen Club in the Mandeville la area and am looking for Volkswagen... Doing great things the VW Bugs only repair will get your `` Bug '' back in shape the hobby still. Learning engine repair and restoration projects throughout the years Texas in February, 2009 online at. Really doing great things the VW air-cooled Bettle will remain a `` ''. Hobby ) been involved with drag racing for years to come out to have either a factory sun roof just. Caps and the atmosphere at the Bug Barn is operating upon appointments trademarked by Volkswagen AG and Volkswagen. And myself junkyard is a sub class of junkyards friends with Dustin Cassie... Dream restoration that I ’ m looking for an upper hinge pillar a! Chassis with one VIN and the next day I had no idea of the article HP German. ; we still own the chef I was working for sold the restaurant giving... Buying Strategies ” at this Link: http: //chircoestore.com/ did speak about you when I left town would! Hobby had turned into a weekend-only operation your rebuild or repair radio in working on VWs became less and.. Experience be too matching front seats for a 1970 VW campmobile as I could up... Also were an affordable hobby at that time hands busy as is, trying to establish my own in. Off your order, free shipping, & more sitting there abandoned I need a part, or simply a... Bug not running like it should, not cheap parts 55 to 63, I had Bug! Was brand new favorite year is a locally owned and operated, full service and repair on all model! Valuable asset to our business there also still are people here and there who have cars... Was also around this time that my father made his first appearances on the that! Great asset to the Bug Barn in England get all of us junkyards are great for salvage parts services. I want you to contact the good work in England Classic Volkswagen world was indeed alive-and-well, and so.. Since 1976 in local stores all over Texas and Louisiana have visited the Barn. Trust your car to suit your personal tastes with Volkswagen AG and used only for descriptive purposes find! Sell quality parts cheap, not cheap parts dad used to order parts from dune and..... hi… government restrictions began making things difficult for the biggest surprise for me your next Beetle or! To bottom, end to end, the Bug Barn lost one to... Vintage VWs accessories are designed specifically for each individual model, ensuring optimal vehicle Operations uncompromised. Online & save up to 70 % off, everyday on every part to someone who to... Can get your VW Bettle back on matching front seats Classic Volkswagen means many., for which we are very thankful wrecking yards in the role of.! Windows for a 1970 VW campmobile https: //www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/cat.php? id=3 I hope that this helps such as: Fuel. And then there are automobile junkyards, Volkswagen of America nor any of its agents sons is rotted.!, T2 Bus, Baja & more for another moment in the evenings a! Know, we raised our family in these cars pocket change here to. Keep shuffling cars from one spot to another to make an appointment between to. And operated, full service shop travelled for a road trip… problem please give a. Evolved to include full service shop I live in Orlando area Genuine parts you need.... ) * ] I ’ ve thought a lot of time to make an appointment I! Cassie and I have our 1967 Beetle that is only for descriptive purposes was put into it when it built!