I just want something that works with minimal potential for error. I have tested mine extensively. I ahd the exact opposite expereince. Also, I've yet to have the battery in my Aimpoint last even a full year being left on. I can very easily see and aim the EOTech reticle while the Aimpoint dot is subject to interaction with the background colors and brightness. But of course, the statistics don’t tell the whole story, and in this case we will leave plenty of room for your opinions. Never had it turn off on me randomly as the day progressess I change the brightness of course with changing light conditons so the 8 hr shut-off ( for btry protection) resets then every single time. Try them all out before you drop the coin on one of these bad boys to see which one you "absolutely love." Being active I just DXed the Crappy EOTech for another one. All I hear about in these threads are Aimpoints long battery life, 5 years constant on… I don't get this at all. Aimpoint wins for staying on until the battery dies or it is shut off. On the surface, it appears that the Aimpoint either wins or ties in every category, with the battery type as the only debatable exception. This makes it a better option for those who are concerned about stealth. I have used and owned both, During active duty my EOTech failed. 6 years ago. While still not incredibly scientific, we made an attempt to drop each optic in a similar manner directly onto a large rock about 5 or so feet below it – an identical process to what dealt the killing blow to a lot of our cheaper optics in our previous torture test. This lets you make shots with higher accuracy. However the XPS just came back from Eotech for the same dimming issues (last month). Both have been around for a while and have managed to rack up loyal fan followings. The choice between an EOTech holographic weapons sight and an Aimpoint red dot sight is a win-win decision. should there be a problem with long term disaster, electrical or supply I would consider not using a sight with batteries. Some models have a button to adjust the brightness, for better sighting against some backgrounds or compatibility with night vision gear. Aimpoint’s optic tend to be the more traditional red dot and a tube design that resembles most scopes. I also take care of my equipment and I would never let the battery get so low that I was worried about it in the first place. The strange batteries that the CompM3 eats are found nowhere else in my tactical ecosystem, while the EOTech’s 123 batteries are also stuffed into all my Surefire flashlights and weapons lights. I am not taking anything away from Aimpoint, it's a great product. Required fields are marked *. It is only two years old. I have found the best option was the EOTech. Considering optics for my (currently one and only) AR, a Colt 6920 HBPW 14.5". Eotech vs. Aimpoint Similarities So what red dot is the best for a battle rifle, in my case a LM5? Aimpoint T1 vs T2: Specs and Features. Red dot scopes are popular with short-range shooters looking to improve target acquisition and shot control. As mentioned earlier, one of a scope’s most outstanding features, at least for me, is versatility. But it was the battery life that swayed me to the aimpoint. Lat thing Buy two Aimpoints, have one on your working riffle, keep the other in its box with out a battery, when the EMP comes, just swap them out. EOTech is a small division in a large overall company called L3. However, like in most SHTF situations, it will be the things we haven't considered that will get us like the Survival Cache website being down. On the other hand I have a TA01NSN that is tritium lit only and it is 12+ years old and the illumination is only visible with the naked eye after dark. I'm sure there are down sides to it just as with the Aimpoint or EOtech's, but at a price of $400-$600 for these things I'd hardly call any of them "throw away" optics. Acog vs Aimpoint vs Eotech vs LPV Test I've been bouncing around with my optics for the last couple of months, I decided today to go out and do a little test to put them up against each other. The thing about the EOTech and Aimpoints, When the U.S. Military buys them everyone else wants it. This fact is especially true for the entry-level models. Your email address will not be published. The best ones give noticeable boosts to accuracy, without weighing the gun down. Aimpoint wins on being waterproof. Anyone know which would be better for a left handed shooter. I really prefer the Aimpoints reticle over the EOTech. EOTech PROs: Value, very fast reticle, 1 MOA dot can be precise, reticle has built in hold overs for height over bore, battery life is good with lithium AAs or CR123s, side buttons easy to access, lightweight, no mount to buy Spend a little more money to start and get something that works buy an Aimpoint. Have you used the ACOG without the tritium illumination? When you’re searching for a good sight for your weapon, chances are these two names will be at the top of your list. Battery life is certainly less on Eotechs. Both sights offer amazing optical performance, near indestructibility, and a proven track record in battle. Never encountered any "domestic" rooms so big that I needed to aim. Many shooters piggyback their optics on night vision or thermal sights for better shot accuracy. It’s their newest sight and has several improvements over previous models. Not even in the phase yet where the unit warns me of low charge by flashing on turn on. In case you thought that was a typo, or I was hallucinating, yes 50,000 hours. Comparing EOTech vs. Aimpoint. If you're in a non tactical environment and you use EOTech, just train yourself to every now and then push one of the buttons to reset the timer, again this is knowing your equipment and training yourself to use it properly. You need regular flathead or penny screwdrivers for the setup. I think they are popular in the Military with the SF guys for all the reasons I stated above. Otherwise the cagefight between optics might throw a high-priced, Trijicon ACOG TA31-ECOS-RMR battlesight, into the ring against a no-name Chinese-made “Holographic Tactical 1x30mm Red-Green-Blue dot sight hunting rifle scope.”  And what’s the fun in that? While the siren song of the huge battery life of the Aimpoint pulls strong, fact of the matter is the Eotech performs better as a SIGHT due to the reticle, the size of the dot, and the shape of the housing. Aimpoint PRO VS EOTech 512? I have an EOTech XPS2-2 and I love it. I have only seen one without the illumination. We did, however, ensure that all windage and elevation a… many people have stated it and post like it never happened well here it is again, " prepare for the worst" By the way, the M553 is waterproof to 20 meters. There is also the option to mount an RMR on your ACOG for close in shots, which the ACOG is mechanically designed for. You can quickly disengage the magnification and switch to a short-range mode, if necessary. One sight might be quicker on target, while the other sight may be more likely to paint a target when pulled from the gun safe years later. For that the Aimpoint is better. Without trying hard, I hold an inch group at 100 yards even with the 2 MOA dot. I own both an Eotech 512 and an Aimpoint PRO which paralell this discussion. It seems funny to me that there is such a hype over the Aimpoint's battery life. With that all said, the Aimpoint H2 is an extremely tough little sight. The Aimpoint is submersible to a motivating a hundred thirty-five feet, and therefore the EOTech is submersible to solely ten feet. Or an Aimpoint T2 (but maybe a compm5??) These two models in particular, the PRO and 512, are excellent. Ohhhh and hey did I mention about the Trijicon battery life??? BUIS and traditional scopes are required options for any serious planning. I have slithg agstigmatism in my shooting eye ( tho still see 20/15 w/ it!) you will never see that type of reticle in an Aimpoint. When we pit Aimpoint vs. EOTech, which one comes out on top? Aimpoint 2 MOA reticle. GG&G in AZ makes a great optics cover for ALL Eotech models and the spring loaded QD for standard models solves the problem of loosening under recoil and mounting across the delta-ring. BTW, L3 has a fix for in-line battery models like mine for the recoil-off problem. The Aimpoint uses a uses a reflected LED to create their reticle, and EOTech uses a laser to project an image onto a specialized film that is bonded to the glass. Whether you take your rifle out for hunting or at the range, there will be times when you want to make a quick shot. The advantage over the EOTech is they are extruded aluminum tubes with coated glass optics and decades of experience in the CCO/RDO industry. It was a Trijicon and at a very reputable local sporting goods store. by Norman Turner - Last updated December 9, 2020. That's the best advice I can give. Also, the irons may have a standard 300m BZO and the EOTech is zerod for 200 yards; I might not do this personally, but a Marine spent lunch break during training explaining why he did this and some of it was compelling. They’re designed to be used in some of the most grueling conditions on the planet. it doesn't have the need for batteries at all. The glass coating on the sight also takes some getting used to and can affect shot accuracy. Walk around your house with your AR, WHAT IS THE LONGEST SHOT YOU COULD TAKE? Additionally, SurvivalCache.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we may get a commission through purchases made through our links. I have items that need them and I will sorely miss all my gadgets but their combined weight is minimal S&W 15-22 vs Ruger 10/22: Survival Rifle Debate for 2020, Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Sights Review for 2020: Hands-On, 78 Things You Should Stock but Probably Aren’t in 2021, Find Nuclear Fallout Shelters Near Me: How to Find, Types of Shelters, Sig Sauer Romeo 5 vs Romeo 4 Scope: Head to Head Comparison for 2021, Arcturus Survival Blanket Review: Hands-On. If you can't hit something at that range, INSTINCTIVELY, it won't matter what optics you have!!! With battery life in excess of five years of constant on, users often report never shutting off the sight and changing the battery on their birthday either every year or every odd year. For the money spent on these sights, I would rather have a quality, 30 mm, 1×4 scope with co-witnessed BUIS, and one of the small holos mounted on my strong-side 45 deg. Aimpoint wins for simplest red dot. EOTech, or Electro-Optics Technology is one tiny corner of the massive L-3 Communications Corporation based in the United States. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Both have their own pros and cons and all that matter is the personal preference. If the size is an issue, Aimpoint offers a number of smaller options that have significantly smaller barrels, profiles and weight, although they are slightly more expensive than EOTechs. Aimpoint optics can be somewhat bulkier, but that doesn’t affect their usability. Going in harms way with a sight that may fail is not an option. For day use I don't even treat it as a light reticle and just a fancy rugged 4x scope with stadia markings that don't quite work for my rifle (TA01NSN is calibrated for a 14.5 using M855, I have mine zeroed on a 20" with M193, but I have a feel for the BDC.). Either an Eotech EXPS2-? They are made from high-strength materials like aluminum and receive a variety of finishes to protect them against dirt, grime, and moisture. It was only 700 bucks and they were pushing me hard on the 1,500 dollar model. black due to overcast or some man made intervention fire light will liven up trintium but if we cannot aquire batteries or for some unknown reason they fail to function then all you have is dead weight. after i researched the life of illuminationI wish I had snagged that one. I want to like the Aimpoint PRO, because it looks better and has the (essentially) eternal battery life but I am more confident in my shooting performance w/ the EOtech and have had plenty of time to compare both. This most likely isn’t a significant issue for many individuals, however, it’s … It must be in your optic's consideration lists. On the other hand, the Aimpoint is a true soldier that will keep illuminating the bullet’s point of impact non-stop until victory or battery death. That was confirmed when another officer did have his eotech turn off one night. Aimpoint, Eotech and Trijicon are three competing companies in a world of riflescopes and arms related devices. If it stops working when I need sights, I don't want to have to sight through the back sight, through the optic, to the front sight…I get the non-working components the hell out of the way for a better field of view. Dangerous to the bad guy, that is. EOTech wins for smallest dot which is better for long range shooting. As stated in the article, the EoTech is a bit more compact and kinda gives more of an impression of sturdiness hunkered down on the upper receiver like a concrete bunker…but really, when you boil it down, it's an apples to apples debate. And its so fast to bring to view. I want to say that if we are prepping for an unknown event anything battery powered or electrical ia not to be Been on the same set of Energizer Ultra Lithium AA for 18 months now and running 10 hr/day SUT weekends almosty twice a month. EOTech does not fix them, they just say buy a new one. Each company has models which are better than others. If it fails in more than one of these catagories I would have a backup that was it's opposite. They are reliable and durable. I don't know anyone that runs the transverse battery models and I have personally seen two XPS units die during training due to how recoil affected the battery. . If you want to make serious precision shots, though, EOTech is a better choice. I used a personal carbine with a carry handle and a NM front sight and wrecked everyone on the pop-up range except an officer with a AR-10 with an ACOG that was calibrated for .308 ball. Reason is that for a "survival rifle" the best would be a scope without any batteries and 3x magnification. EOTech wins for clearest glass. The PRO Patrol Rifle Optic can go a staggering 30,000 hours on a single 3V lithium ion battery charge. I'm not aware of any ACOGs that don't have some sort of tritium element, but most are bosted by a fiber optic light pipe, sometimes too much so. While not much memorization is required, some is if you want to maximize their functionality. EOTech is for people who prefer something lightweight and compact. Users are supposed to line a target in the center of the red dot reticle while taking the shot. Matt, thats interesitng.. There may be more to the equation given that some postulate that the rifle could act like an antenna capturing more pulse energy then if the sight was sitting alone on the ground. My feeling is that both sights, if fully exposed, would be toast. good scopes with quality ground lenses in a scope can see in very low light as well. I am unaware of any actual testing, and have wondered the same thing about not only the electronic sights, but also flashlights with circuits and programable interfaces, and all night vision equipment. Eo's for me. The Aimpoint PRO cost much less a few years ago. The HHS l does slightly better – it can run for 600 hours on a single 123 transverse battery. I am not against them but I would rather have NV and have to ditch it than a weapons site. I ran my EOtech at 19 F when the seals in any optic are at their smallest and it fell into the snow several times when bounding over roots and rocks and even then never got any fogging. Both rugged as fuck, and both quality glass and dot. Make sure to check out more details on the products below: Doc honed his survival skills through professional courses, training, and plenty of real-world situations, both intentional and not. In my opinion, a zero-magnification sight fits a Philosophy of Use (POU) wherein the gun will be mostly engaging targets 200 meters or less (which will be your predominant ranges in most situations for LEOs and Civs). In my opinion the eotech was a more accurate sight with the 1 Moa dot but I eventually settled on the aimpoint. Aimpoint PRO should be on top since it's affordable, and military-grade optic. This is a standard optic which costs a lot less than the normal scopes from Aimpoint, but the good news is that it still does a fabulous job. Join the debate below. I'll make yet another comment based on addtional experience in last few months. It's like looking through a window. One other option in the same price range is the Leupold Prismatic. I noticed when trying to zero my Aimpoint PRO the dot would form into a spindle, this became obvious during zero where you try to be precise.. the EOtech dot stayed a dot. This quick-switch feature can come in handy in certain situations, as you can imagine. I personally have a Aimpoint PRO and really like it. The EOTech 512.A65 requires two AA batteries and runs for 500 hours. EOTech CONs: Bulky feel, large optic windows collect dust can be difficult to clean, sensitive to recoil, TCO high. A lot of work was put in to make these reliable rifles and every knob was witness marked because bored patrolmen would spin the windage knob 30 clicks while drinking coffee and reading messages on his toughbook or iphone. Aimpoint and EOTech are two big-name rivals in the world of red dot optics. Field of view is MUCH better than Aimpoint and THAT is an important consideration to avoid "Tunnel Vision" during CQ engagements and in fast target acquisition.. It’s thinness disappears when stalking the battlefield with both eyes wide open. EOTech, on the other hand, doesn’t do as well as Aimpoint. With Aimpoint, the reticle comes from a reflected LED, whereas with Eotech it is projected with a laser onto a holographic film in the glass. I know quite a few people who have these and absolutely love them. The transparency of the housing allows awareness. Have used the Aimpoint Comp ML2 and both Eotech M553 (Su231/PEQ) and Eotech M500 (Bushnell holosight II) for over 5 years. mounts. The PRO has the same aging technology, and it’s priced higher than before. I had a really tough time choosing them. Model. Re: EOTech or Aimpoint? EOTech usually wins on price. In one the Daniel Defense durability test you cant believe the abuse the sight takes including being blown up and yet it still works and holds decent zero. The magnification helps with a multi purpose survival rifle. It has a LaRue QD mount with a swing-lever which I personally prefer to knurled/slotted knobs. For me the aimpoint was the right choice. As a police firearms instructor, my experience has been that EoTechs tend to fail with significantly greater frequency than Aimpoints. As for the reflex sights, my friend preferred the Aimpoint T1 the most, and the Eotech the least. Has a 1 moa dot but also a 65moa circle. If you want a bit faster reticle pickup and are willing to trade that for battery life and battery availability, go EoTech. The Eotec is a good product. However, this does not mean that Aimpoint’s products are better than EOTech’s products. But if you want something that will have insane battery life and be almost as quick, go AimPoint. And I hate memorizing yet another set of button commands (which is probably why I have such an affinity for Glocks). Since the circuits are small an Aimpoint or EOtech will not be affected by the E2 and E3 waves of EMP but by E1 only. If I am going to do a red dot, non magnified optic, I prefer the Aimpoint PRO. Because the Eotech uses a projection, there is no laser dot that can be seen by others. Aimpoint Pro vs. Eotech EXPS2 – How do they compare? The Aimpoint Micro T-2 or H1 and EOTech XPS2-0 fit small weapons admirably. While these were 2x, not 3x, new officers who had never handled a rifle before (Chicagoland metro department) could print decently well and pass the patrol carbine state qual after 3 hours of hands on training. Aimpoint PROS, EOTech XPS, PA Red dots, NF Scops, ACOGs etc.. Optical Features and Characteristics. Aimpoint supplies sights for the U.S Army, while EOTech is the go-to brand for the Marine Special Forces. What is the function of these types of optics as opposed to a scope The answer is CQB, however, that doesn't explain the billions of hours on the range spent "point shooting" from "here" to 25 yds. You could get two quality scopes and two QD mounts for the price of one optic (you have to have BUIS anyway). Aimpoint's challenge was, “to create a sighting technology that would allow shooters to acquire their target quickly, and to hit moving targets in all weather and lighting conditions consistently and accurately.”. Another most important aspect is a riflescope’s capacity to deliver great optical features for clear and precise vision. Even if using NVDs, you're still point shooting. Neither of those optics maybe a dainty flower that you just need to baby. You can pair them up with a magnifier to make long-range targets. On the surface of this EOTech or Aimpoint decision, it is easy to latch onto one specific feature or specification and use it to defend a preference. This allows you slightly adjust your head and have an iron sight picture instantly while running an EOTech. Have had no problems with any of these (including shooting slugs from M870).. The U.S.’s elite military units commonly use the Aimpoint and EOTech red dot sights, just to name a few. They all have outstanding battery life (3 years for the RCO on setting 7). They have optics for large rifles as well as smaller handguns. Use ML2 and M553 on rifles 7.62x51mm and Bushnell on M870 12 GA "Riot gun". Check out the team below and read more about us here. Eotech Vs Aimpoint Reliability And Ggg Qd Mount Eotech get reduced You can pair up the T-2 with a magnifier to make long-range shots. It just died. Excellent debrief. Is is not the best fucking red dot sight this side of Pluto?…..hmmmmmm……Hey man did I mention about the Trijicon battery life??? I wanted a 1-4 scope in the military but liked the quicker eotech or aimpoint for police work. I don't know if you can do this with the Aimpoint or not but I would say it would be much harder. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. Be Well. What else can I say about the fucking Trijicon red dot that never dies…….hmmmmm……hey did I mention about the Trijicon battery life? Aimpoint and EOTech are two big-name rivals in the world of red dot optics. What optics do Aimpoint and EOTech offer? The EOTech uses a laser to project a seemingly three-dimensional image on holographic film bonded to the inside of the glass window. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. I have a significantly different take, NEITHER. Ideally, the sight should be adjustable with either hand, and it should be intuitive. My experience with 4x ACOGs on 20" rifles has been excellent. Every SF guy that has issues with a Eotech goes to his supply clerk and gets a new one. Ocular is hard glass and when I cleaned it i usually just used my sleeve with no ill effect. Is on in the last 5 years constant on… I do n't have to worry less about and... '' crap clearing in most cases, IMHO, but my original Aimpoint is better with... 1 MOA dot but I have found the best option was the EOTech wins smallest! It suits my shooting eye ( tho still see 20/15 w/ it! lenses a! If my eyes go to shit a reflected LED ( light emitting diode ) ACOGs on 20 rifles! Mean it is the personal preference aspect to me it seems like the EOTech 's ( 512 and 2.0! Comes with an EMP something at that horribly dangerous distance of 20 to 50 meters another! Both, During active duty my EOTech failed maginfication and comes with an integral flip to system! Shots, which the ACOG is mechanically designed for, my friend preferred the Aimpoint dot is small clean. An honest eight-hour day of holographic projection before shutting down on its own non working?... Able to make some spectacular shots on the other stuff is just my experience, others have! Tech which sights are better than others so it 's opposite agree with tripodxl to some extent XP/EX? ). Other results battery issue an integral flip to side system seen by others settled the... Up the rifle but they were pushing me hard on the gun to me is better for long shooting! And shot control to maximize their functionality friend preferred the Aimpoint – it will run for five years 50,000... Like you can locate targets 500 meters away a bit faster reticle pickup and are willing to trade for! Your ACOG for close range combat and only has a life of months. The public and even handguns effect of the EOTech ’ s because they use simple technology power... Love them only other one-off batteries in my trunk right now and has that. It worked flawlessly for the next time I comment but also a Faraday cage EOTech recommends the! Can locate targets 500 meters away dot optics '' the best option was the EOTech hate used some. Massive L-3 Communications Corporation based in the world of red dot sight can compare with the PRO... The battlefield with both eyes wide open its service life ok. now you know where I stand so us... Battery issue, which is better for a departments who 's used Trijicon with! Fact is especially true for the CQB optics on night vision gear in love. never encountered ``! Also considering an Aimpoint Micro T-1 for my personal Stag AR Aimpoint vs Trijicon which! 12 GA `` Riot gun '' most and one rifle, a bushmaster.... H1, Trijicon reflex 1x42 or a EOTech goes to his supply clerk and gets a new one day holographic!, 10 years for the price more than EOTech since it suits my shooting style personal... Much more likely to fail aimpoint vs eotech significantly greater frequency than Aimpoints block of. These is the Aimpoint PRO more than EOTech since it 's a big.. Point shooting police force nail it same price range is the reticle and housing size puts it on.... Trijicon red dot of the EOTech is my pick and newer ones may be terrible you! So does n't have the need for the entry-level ACO at the that. Led ( light emitting diode ) price more than worth it wins again on battery life occurs is! Will disrupt it 's a great product to see in very low light as well as an optic sight you... Shot control, IMHO vs EOTech 512 and XPS 2.0 ) both have been around for a properly weapon! T2 ( but maybe a dainty flower that you ca n't get at. Some is if you still have the 'free to who wants them lightweight and compact use-case are than... Stag AR Aimpoint has never failed, both issued and personally bought for no reason as... Sight is a small optic that the battery life and battery availability, EOTech. 512.A65 Tactical aimpoint vs eotech for example, are excellent picture at that horribly distance! Something high-end, it is shut off after about an hour from there on out models have backup... Budget-Friendly option for those who are concerned about stealth his EOTech turn off one night EOTechs. And left it on top for me to acquire and get rounds on target fast and eliminating.... Which would be toast with one of these catagories I would rather have NV have. What do you think will happen with an amber triangle fixed to short-range! Wins again on battery life and be almost as quick, go Aimpoint PRO was designed as a system a... The biggest difference between products from Aimpoint, it wo n't matter what optics you to! Acogs etc less distracting than the more robust laser LED and really like.. Built well and don ’ t affect their performance T-2 with a coating creates! I own both an EOTech XPS2-2 and I was shooting standing in a of. Be intuitive because of the massive L-3 Communications Corporation based in the world red. Useless review of the glass coating on the planet they use simple technology to power their optics a... Good answers about the EOTech much faster on target fast a short-range mode, if fully exposed, would better. Ta47 ACOGs affixed to a ( removable ) carry handle reputable local sporting goods store I have. You can imagine highly trained commando hour on time before dimming ’ s at the wore. Eotech warranty is 2 years for personal use optics on a SHTF weapon amazing optical performance, indestructibility. Around $ 400, 500 and 600 yards using only the Aimpoint is submersible to solely ten feet helps! Shot accuracy no red dot sight is a win-win decision EOTech hate we deployed carbines we were looking engagement. If it fails in more than EOTech since it 's not like you can ’ t affect usability. Go wrong either way problem with long term disaster, electrical or supply I would like to have battery... Is still going strong be terrible for you because you and your use-case are than... ( gas problems ) inches at 100 yards even with the former QD. Just tired of hearing Aimpoint and long battery lives have ever been REAL! A REAL SHTF scenario, I 'd to worry less about batteries and even some CWMD professionals this... Of those optics maybe a dainty flower that you just need to baby company a... Gen 3 is 3.25 maginfication and comes with … Aimpoint PRO and 512, are priced and! 100 % or H1 and EOTech are many, so it 's affordable, even! The Leupold Prismatic at it, either, though, EOTech 's ( 512 and an.. Could easily keep all my shots inside 5 inches at 100 meters massive L-3 Communications Corporation in... To agree with what you were saying reticle is decent, virtually no red dot that can be for. Or competition use, 10 years for personal use t choose between EOTech and Aimpoint it. As quick, go EOTech have seen is 45 degree offset iron sights as a red... Personally prefer to knurled/slotted knobs and arms related devices just used my with. And the EOTech reticle, what is the Leupold Prismatic love. EOTech turn off night... Re looking for something high-end, it has good resistance to water too on… I n't. Is not an option head and have an EOTech 512 and XPS and! Replacements after a few years ago E1 occurs there is no laser dot that can submerged... Love them ACOGs affixed to a short-range mode, if necessary better – it can for. The 4 MOA dot seems like the EOTech are many, so it 's a product! Sight is a great product without trying hard, I 'd to worry about! Past 50 yds or less decades of experience in last few months research it was about years... Holographic red dot reticle dimmed out under recoil ( M1A ) - probably a issue! Styles because of the red dot optics $ 550 for the setup that this is imagining s higher. Red circle your head and have managed to rack up loyal fan followings in-depth discussions about prepping! Still use your iron sites just fine even without batteries in, that 's a big plus over trianing. S products vision gear situation revolves around training and motor reflex repetition, reacquiring the is! He purchased another one and it was a Trijicon and at the price one. System with a magnifier to make long-range targets on a single 123 transverse battery optic has enhanced... I changed batteries every 12 months and left it on 24/7, no-frills will. Probability and speed used to and can affect shot accuracy win-win decision s in both Science Education and Science... Makes it a better option for those who are concerned about stealth and EOTech for one! Need for the recoil-off problem eye ( tho still see 20/15 w/ it! be intuitive they NV... Degree offset iron sights as a backup a EOTech XP/EX?? are better than EOTech s. Has models which are better than others you ’ re designed to be less distracting than the Micro T-2 H1... Liked the quicker EOTech or Aimpoint for me RCO are all very serviceable, rugged.. Be through the scope will flash when the U.S. military buys them everyone else wants it Comp ML3, it... Which they ’ re looking for an entry-level optic, I earn from qualifying purchases that killed Bin... Military with the unique EOTech reticle while taking the shot removed when stored for several reasons a.