Alexander Hotel between Tropea and Capo Vaticano

The Alexander Hotel 'located near Tropea and Capo Vaticano in the locality ' Santa Sunday fall on a terrace about 150 meters from the sea, breezy summer and mild winter , has 12 rooms with bathroom , air conditioning, ventilation fan, mini-bar and restaurant with a spacious living room equipped with a tree-lined terrace .
The kitchen and ' prepared by the owners , and the delicacy of the dishes served , both fish and meat, typical of Calabria , and ' the real gem of this complex boasts that he has always met the most ' demanding .
The area where the Alexander Hotel and ' also known for the production of the famous red onions and other products of the earth that are considered , together with the sea and the landscape , the real economic resource of the territory.
This structure and ' recommended for people who are looking for a family atmosphere, excellent cuisine and a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city .The town of Santa Domenica , geographically , is attached to Tropea and ' considered a tourist destination of international interest.
The Alexander Hotel is situated approximately 300 meters from the railway railways station, this station, every hour a train leaves for Gioia Tauro, Reggio Calabria, to reach ROME, SEAT OF " Riace bronzes " AT THE NATIONAL MUSEUM, SI USE IT ABOUT AN HOUR .
At about 25 km away is the town of Paravati , country Natuzza Evolo , the hotel , on request, provide shuttle service to customers who wish to visit this now famous center of worship. 


Covid 19: We will leave in absolute safety, ours is a small hotel with only 12 rooms.

Our rooms are safe because they are sanitized just before the client's arrival; the sanitized room will be delivered to the customer absolutely sanitized, from that moment the customer will manage his room in absolute autonomy, no one else will enter the room. THE CUSTOMER IS NOTIFIED THAT ON ARRIVAL THE CHECK OF THE BODY TEMPERATURE WILL BE CARRIED OUT AND THE REGULATIONS IN FORCE WILL BE APPLIED.


Hours of absolute silence in the hotel: from 24.00 to 08.00

violators will be removed from the hotel and will not be able to request

no compensation or reimbursement.

The bar service is not active from 10.00 to 08.29 the following day.




Racommended: Il Nido B&B

Bea Breakfast Il Nido a TropeaNew facility located in the center of Santa Domenica just 1 km from Tropea and about 4 km from Capo Vaticano, at a distance of about 200 meters from the sea. (pedestrian street) and the beaches equipped for about 700 meters., in a quiet and breezy.

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